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League Of Women Voters Should Step Away From Voter ID Battle

The League of Women Voters has joined those who seek to overturn, by judicial challenge, the Wisconsin voter ID law. The entity which is known for providing opportunities to further our knowledge of our political candidates, has now also set itself up as an authority on constitutional law. The constitution, they say, prevents us from requiring positive ID from those who vote.
There are many people that are too poor to get an ID. Or it is too much of a hassle. Or they are too immobile. So go the arguments, in spite of mechanisms in the law that enable those who claim poverty or are incapacitated, to get one easily. And yes, it can be a hassle to wait in line down at the DMV. I don't enjoy it either. But has the constitution ever guaranteed your life would be hassle-free?
Look. Our government already requires photo ID for airline flights, and liquor and cigarette sales. If it is unconstitutional (i. e. discriminatory) to ask for an ID to vote, it surely is just as unconstitutional to ask for one when a guy is purchasing tobacco. And, by the way, isn't the sanctity of our elections just as important as keeping the hands of a 20-year-old off that can of Miller Lite? Furthermore, doesn't government social services require ID from a new client signing up for benefits? And how do we know when a party is old enough to collect Social Security or to access MediCare?
"There is no proof that voter fraud is a widespread problem." We have heard that many times. But as they say, the tavern that never checks IDs never finds any underage drinkers. And how exactly do we know that a party is old enough to vote when he has no ID? How do we know that he is a citizen? How many names on big-city voters lists really do come off gravestones?
If there really are some people who limp through life without ID, let's help them get one so they too can access all the opportunities available in this great country. Let us all have equal access to air travel, smokes, drinks, to cash a check, to rent a hotel room, to buy cough syrup, and yes, to vote.
Americans favor voter ID law by a 2 to 1 margin. We know a good idea when we see one. If it really is unconstitutional to ask for ID when you vote, then it would seem to follow, by the very same logic, that it is equally as unconstitutional to ask for ID at any time for anything whatsoever.
Let's hope that the LWV soon tires of taking sides in partisan politics, and returns to its good non-partisan work regarding candidate exposure. May the partisan judicial activists be thrown out of court, and may the will of the people prevail.

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