Advertising | Door County Daily News Advertising 2016-02-10T04:05:05Z Advertising The combined synergy of the radio stations and website of provide a unique combination of effective, affordable advertising options. Read our brief frequently asked questions (below) and click on these links for more details. Station Profiles Radio Advertising Rates Gold Plan Weekly Investment HIRE Us for Minimum Wage! WBDK - WRKU - WRLU - WSBW Community Events Package The Shopping Show Non-Profit, Civic, and Service Organization Advertising Packages Friends of Non-Profit Marketing Grant You can also email your ideas or the application above to if you are interested in trying to get some information out about your Non Profit. To discuss the possibilities of putting the combined power of radio and internet advertising to work for your business, email You'll Be in Good Company! - Client Testimonials Why Advertise? 1.Every Day, new people come into the market for the products you sell! a. You advertise to a passing parade not a standing army b. Your business success is determined by reaching both NOW buyers and FUTURE prospects c. The Advertising Funnel 2.People Move a. 25% of the U.S. population moves or dies each year b. Anytime people move, be it across town or across America, their buying patterns change 3. People Forget a. The average American is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising impressions a day b. If yours is not one of them you may be forgotten in the clutter 4. People Take Their Time Before Buying a. A consumer can be in the market for a big ticket item or service for months b. It's important to keep your business in front of potential customers as they move through the Buying Cycle (unawareness, awareness, comprehension, conviction, trust, action) 5. Establish and Equity Position in the Mind of the Consumer a. When people think of your account category they think of YOUR business FIRST b. Top of mind awareness TOMA with repetition turns into market share Why Radio? 1. Radio is the only affordable seven-day-a-week advertising medium. 2. It works when done right. 3. Radio delivers two customers for the price of one. 4. Radio is intrusive and that means it can reach your competitors customers. Why the Radio Stations of Door County Daily 1. Our system for writing ads. 2. Our system for scheduling ads. 3. Our Buyer Protection Plan…The only guarantee in the market. 4. The Highest Client Retention Rate in the 35 year history of Nicolet Broadcasting, Inc. 5. Satisfied clients. 6. The ability to reach year-round residents, second home owners and visitors. 7. Door County Daily extends the reach of your radio to the world. 8. A FREE daily electronic newspaper. How Do You Recommend Making Radio Advertising Profitable? Radio works with either short-term impact or long term consistency. Short-term impact means running one or two messages PER HOUR from the time an event or sale starts backwards until you run out of budget. Long-term consistency means running a minimum of four messages between 6am and 6pm forever. The faster you want measurable results, the more the number of daily ads. Today we have clients running four to twenty-four ads a day on all three stations and report impressive growth in sales and profits. The secret formula for advertising success comes down to this: WHAT YOU SAY TIMES HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY IT. "What you say" is the message. We have a seven-point system for writing ads that is getting measurable results for our most satisfied clients. "How many times you say it" is the schedule. Short-term impact or long-term consistency is what works best in radio. Door County Daily News 2016-02-10T21:05:05Z