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Voices of the Crucifixion: An Easter Dialogue iCal

Thursday, March 21 2013 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

H.S. Baird #174 Masonic Lodge,  Sturgeon Bay


Voices of the Crucifixion: An Easter Dialogue

Written by Theodore E. Torok 

An AASR Valley of Green Bay production

MARCH 21, 2013


31 S Third Avenue

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin 54235

5:30pm Social Hour

6:30pm Dinner (free will offering)

7:30pm Presentation of: Voices of the Crucifixion

Open to the public; no admission fee

Contact Ed @ 920-737-3166 or



Voices of the Crucifixion: An Easter Dialogue

Voices of the Crucifixion is a dramatization; a portrait of the events and emotions surrounding Easter week. The play explores Easter from the point of view of four key characters. These characters present a study in contrasts:— Pilate, vain and haughty; Caiaphas, scheming and devious; Judas, businesslike and practical to a fault; and Peter, filled with remorse, and not a little intimidated by the responsibilities thrown upon him by the death of Christ. It is this interplay of contrasts—coupled with the contrition each of the characters feels at somehow having failed on the most important day in human existence—that provides entertainment, inspiration, and contemplation long after the sound of the final lines has faded.

The dialogue Voices of the Crucifixion was two years in preparation and involved considerable research using many resources. The principal reference volume, of course, was the Bible; but a large measure of the descriptive passages come from Jim Bishop’s excellent treatise,

The Day Christ Died. Although some of the conversations and happenings are conjecture, they are based on and represent the most widely accepted conclusions espoused by some of today’s most respected theological historians. Early historians, for instance, present Judas as skulking, secretive, and furtive. However, more recent thinking holds that he was probably quite pragmatic, officious and ambitious, but disillusioned that Christ was not the "flaming chariot" type of Saviour the Jewish world expected.

It is interesting to note the eventual demise of our four protagonists. Judas’ fate is noted in the dramatization, hanging himself even before Christ died. Peter, however, who successfully led the church through its early beginnings, was later crucified; head downward at his own request, so that his death would not be likened to the death of his Lord. The other two met their downfall only three years after the events described in the play. Pilate, probably at the instigation of Caiaphas, made war on the "untouchable" Samaritans, bringing down the wrath of the Syrian governor. After being recalled to Rome to answer for his misdeeds, he committed suicide. Pilate’s successor, Vitellius, removed Caiaphas from the office of high priest and installed Annas’ son. There is no record of Caiaphas after he fell into disfavor. Thus, except for Peter the three protagonists strutted unknowingly onto the world stage to advance their own ends, and faded into oblivion while leaving us to revile them and their infamy for all time to come.

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For more information:
Ed Klein
(920) 737-3166
February 2016

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